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Catch up – think we’re overdue??

Posted by ironchefmommy on December 4, 2011

Okay, so, you think I let this go just a bit?? Cripes. I did what I said I’d never do and what irked me about so many people… I started a blog and left it hanging in cyberspace for what seems like eternity in the internet world – a year. Holy balls. Well, where do I start???

Let’s cover the milestones and then we’ll talk about it. We sold our house, moved 200 miles away, bought a new car, house hunted for what seemed like eternity, lived apart for 3 months, Madeline turned 3, we celebrated our first holiday season without my mother in law, and we welcomed a new baby girl into our family (not in that order at all though!).

So, we decided once the work was finished on our house in PA to put it on the market. We needed a change of scenery. There was soo much sadness, and actually quite a lot of bitterness following my mother in law’s death from people we thought to be family. We quickly found out that was not the case. Brett had been hunting for work in upstate NY and got an offer from a company in Northern CT. We came out here and fell in love with the area. He took the job, and they were patient enough to wait for him until we sold our house. We put our home on the market in early November 2010. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving without momma. It was very sad – she was all about food and family and togetherness. I cooked the full meal just for the 3 of us at home and it was really nice. We traveled to NY for Christmas and celebrated with my family. A few days later we got wonderful news – that we were going to have another baby, and then we found out something even cooler – my cousin was pregnant with her first child – and our due dates were 6 days apart! So exciting!

We sold our house in April and moved Memorial day weekend. Brett went to stay with a friend in CT because he had to start work. Madeline and my pregnant self headed to NY to stay with Barb until we had a house and a closing date. It ended up being all summer and a lot of back and forth visiting. We found a beautiful home and moved in on August 19. For those of you keeping track, my due date was Sept 8. Yep. I moved with less than 3 weeks to go, so ridiculously pregnant I was surprised my water didn’t break on moving day. But our little peanut hung in there. She stayed put through the earthquake and the hurricane (all within 10 days of us moving in). Brett worked labor day (sept 5) so he could take off Sept 6 (I had an OB appointment early in the am). I went to my appt and my darling, wonderful obstetrician told me not to drive the 40 minutes home and to stay close. I went for coffee, and called him an hour later. He ordered me to the hospital and I was admitted at 11am. Quick labor, once again (thanks mom!), easy easy labor and delivery. I am a lucky lady in that department. Thank goodness Brett was home, because he packed up Madeline and met me at the hospital. They admitted me at 11am and she was born at 5:55 pm.

Our beautiful angel Alaina Rose was born on Sept 6, 2011. She was 7 lbs 10 oz and 19.25 inches. For those of you keeping score, that’s nearly 2 pounds smaller than her big sister and nearly 3 inches shorter. She’s a peanut! My darling cousin was 4 days overdue at this point. She delivered a healthy baby boy on 9-10-11. It would have been awesome to go together since we delivered at the same hospital, but you can’t beat two healthy babies 🙂

Here’s a picture of our darling Alaina being held by her very proud (and incredibly overprotective) big sister

So that’s where we are. We are settled in beautiful Northwestern CT and loving it. We are slowly meeting new people, making new friends and starting some new memories in a happier place. Let’s hope I can keep this going 🙂


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