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Posted by ironchefmommy on December 31, 2009

Hello and welcome!! Thanks for coming in to take a peek at my blog 🙂 A little background on why I started this-

I’ve always loved to cook. I never had the time to really take it seriously or get any good at it because I was constantly working. Since I’ve stopped working (July 2008) I’ve really gotten in the swing of cooking and baking, and really gotten to love it. I’m constantly looking for a new recipe to try and thoroughly enjoy the process of it all. I’ve had tons of people ask for my recipes and I’ve been told I should open up a bake shop. Obviously, that’s a bit more difficult than baking a few batches of cookies and cakes and desserts, so I thought of doing the next best thing. Starting a blog- and showing that with a little time and a lot of heart, anyone can cook!

Over the summer this past year, I got an email from an old friend of mine from good old SHA, Gina. She was thinking of starting a foodie book blog and would I be interested. Absolutely! Anyone who knows me knows I love to read. After a lot of back and forth emails between us and 2 other SHA-chicas, Jeanine and Marilla, Cooking The Bookswas born. We’ve been at it for a couple of months now and onto our second book and I’m loving it. I felt myself wanting to blog everything I tried in the kitchen, not just the recipes from the book, so here I am to launch my own blog.

Special Thanks to Marilla, for her advice on learning HTML and helping me find WordPress to get this all started. If you love cupcakes and all things yummy (which you do or you wouldn’t be here) check out her blog, Cupcake Rehab


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